VIA is a construction company established in 2014. Its name derives from the Latin word VIA, which means direction or road. Therefore, the symbolism of this name expresses the vision of our company, which is a road towards the future. VIA is a privately owned company, established after a 16 year experience as part of the EUROKOS Company, our main partners even nowadays. The central office of VIA is located in Gerlic, Ferizaj, RKS. VIA is a multidisciplinary firm and offers high quality services in the field of construction, signage, maintenance and production. With our experience in construction, maintenance, signage and production projects, we have gained our popularity in a short period of time. Vision, courage and expertise are the key to our success throughout the country. Since the beginning of the company in 2014, we have implemented projects that have left our mark in all the works we have accomplished.


As one of the most varied companies in construction, we strive to provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, worth and service in each project. The fundamental element of our business model is the fact that our projects are nowhere else to be seen. Our experience, capabilities and resources enable us to implement projects of all sizes and areas in construction. By building a financially strong firm, we are committed to creating opportunities, building careers and developing our company.