A road is not finished with its inauguration. Actually, there comes the part that we do best, therefore keeping up with the roads. We maintain it, so that we build it and intervene to repair later possible damages. Our work can be felt or seen during your road trip. Invisible hands which take care of ordinary streets, of our streets. This has made us credible and VIA has already implemented projects for the maintenance of some very important roads throughout Kosovo. The roads where we do our supervision have been among the safest roads.

Bridge construction

VIA has constructed bridges, highways, overpasses or underpasses, using new construction techniques. Through design and construction, new methods have been developed in our company. Using this outstanding expertise and experience, and through the high level of skills and reliability, each client guarantees a cost-effective choice and the highest quality of bridge construction processes. Engineers and VIA staff have faced every challenge, and are particularly well-prepared for any project that requires special design proposals or all-inclusive project management.